Wrapping Up The Olympics – Fil N’ Inny Full Show 8-7-21

As we approach another #StonedOnASaturdayNight, let’s reflect on the fun entertainment stupid display of last Saturday’s show with Fil N’ Inny! First, as much as we enjoyed the Olympics, we are sooooo done with watching them day after day! (Don’t fret, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing starts Friday, February 4th – That’s only six months away!

On-Air with Fil N' Inny Full Show 8-7-21

But we wrap up the summer international competitions discussing a few topics worth mentioning: a German coach punches a horse (asshole!), an old man wins a gold metal, and since the Committee is adding competitions to the Games, and even considering video gaming, Fil concocts a few future Olympic “sports” his lazy ass could potentially win at (not likely).

And speaking of added games, let’s not forget the next round of Summer Olympic Games will host Break Dancing competitions as well! So dust off your parachute pants and get that over-sized boom box outta storage ’cause the B-Boys and B-Girls are training to wow the world! Assumably on a big piece of cardboard…

Fil N’ Inny Full Show 8-7-21

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