What Does “Grunge” Mean to Eddie Vedder & Matt Cameron?

Eddie Vedder
& Matt Cameron

Hey Eddie, how does the word “Grunge” make you feel? The word can sometimes be disdainful to the bands and artists that defined it. Can you blame them for hating the word for pigeon-holing them, but it also elevated their careers to dizzying heights. Check out this video of Eddie Vedder and Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam from a few years ago. Actually, the video is split into two sections. The first six minutes or so is of Vedder and Cameron from an old interview done while touring in Europe back in 2009, and the second half of the video is an audio interview done in 2020.

Vedder and Cameron discuss how the movement made them feel at the time, and continues to affect them. They also discuss what bands they consider the epitome of grunge, like Mudhoney, where they fit into it, and the scene itself, clarifying the Northwest music scene over the years, and why so many great artists like Hendrix and Heart hail from the region (hint: it’s the water in the air). The end of the video cuts deep as Eddie Vedder talks about his regrets over the alleged beef between himself and Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain. Damn near brought a tear to my eyes.

Kudos to The Grunge Scene for posting this insightful video!

Eddie Vedder & Matt Cameron Discuss “Grunge”

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