Wang Chung, Space Junk & Zombies!

Wang Chung is a Brit pop synth band from England originating in the late 1970’s. So what does a synth pop band have th do with Space Junk and zombies? Everything! Let’s rewind first. Wang Chung’s big claim to fame is their 80’s hits “Dance Hall Days” and “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”, also known as “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight”! But this article isn’t about those pop classics. Nope. This is more about their lesser known hit “Space Junk” from the late nineties.

Wang Chung, Space Junk & Zombies!

If you ask some people, “Space Junk” is not just a great little song. It’s also what Elon Musk and a lot of other space-bound billionaires and companies are guilty of littering across Earth’s orbit. Some would argue Elon Musk needs a rich man’s version or community service: put on that little orange vest, get a trash bag, and start picking up the refuse you left above our ozone, starting with the Elon’s Tesla car he shot out to space a few years ago.

Space Junk & The Walking Dead

Are you a fan of the AMC television show The Walking Dead? If so, you may already know the song “Space Junk” by Wang Chung has been used not once by the zombie franchise, but twice! The song was featured predominately in the first season’s first episode. With the way the song was used in the episode, you could say Wang Chung helped kick off the Rick Grimes arc in The Walking Dead. The scene, which is the last scene in the classic first episode, is a pan out shot of a hoard of zombies.

But The Walking Dead wasn’t done with Wang Chung or their song “Space Junk”. The show also used the track in Rick Grimes’ last episode as well in 2018. The second use of the song was a tribute to the main character, his start and journey through the show, and his ending on the series. It was touching to Walking Dead fans. But we felt the track itself deserved recognition not just in The Walking Dead universe, but from music fans as well!

Wang Chung’s “Space Junk”

So what is the song about? How did it get made? What was the reception of the song considering Wang Chung is an 80’s pop band, and the song being re-released in 1997 during the grunge and nu-metal movements?

The Meaning of the song “Space Junk”

Wang Chung’s song “Space Junk” was released in 1983 as part of their debut album, “Huang Chung.” The song’s lyrics are somewhat abstract and metaphorical, and can be interpreted in a number of ways.

One interpretation is that the song is about the excess and clutter of modern society. The “space junk” in the song refers to the material possessions and superficial values that people accumulate, which ultimately weigh them down and make it difficult for them to live a fulfilling life. The song suggests that people should let go of these materialistic desires and focus on more meaningful pursuits.

Another interpretation is that the song is about the dangers of nuclear war and the arms race. The “space junk” in this case could refer to the debris and fallout that would be left in the aftermath of a nuclear conflict. The song suggests that we need to work together as a global community to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring.

Overall, the lyrics of “Space Junk” are open to interpretation and can be seen as a commentary on a number of societal issues. But nowadays you can take the meaning of the song literally as well, considering we ACTUALLY HAVE A SHITLOAD OF SPACE JUNK! 😐

The Walking Dead “Space Junk” Scene

Wang Chung “Space Junk” Song

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