Wanna See Your Favorite Artist? Prove You Don’t Have COVID!

This pandemic has been rough on all of us, mentally and financially. One industry in particular has taken a Corona Virus punch right to the kisser: concerts and events. Artists, bands, sports and all other industries tied to such gigs rely heavily on people-crowding. And the more souls gathered, the more money these events make.

Concerts, Crowds & Rock n’ Roll!

I Love this song, BRAH!

Large sports leagues have fared better, but bands and artists, successful and undiscovered alike, have really taken a blow. Think about it: people congregate at a show, drink and party, and hug on each other while singing along to their favorite songs. Sounds fun, right? But it also sounds like a super spreader event worse than recent White House shindigs!

Ticketmaster May Require Covid-19 Tests

Local and state governments have shut down these gatherings, and companies that put them on. Ticketmaster is such a company. But the ticket sales giant is already planning how they can operate post-pandemic. Ticketmaster is devising a way to require concert and other event goers to verify they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19, or confirm a negative Corona Virus test within the last 24 to 78 hours. This can be achieved by applying a verification process via Ticketmaster’s App and through attendees’ smartphones at the door.

“This Song is SICK!!!”

Will it work? Details are still being panned out, like who will be responsible for the process of the verification, and proving it when entering venues. But musicians, other acts, and fans alike will undoubtedly welcome this to move on from the pandemic, even if it’s only for a couple hours while they groove to a live set list of their favorite tunes. But smaller acts and venues with less resources, I’m thinking small bar gigs and local events, may not be so lucky.

Is 2020 over yet?

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