The Strokes Win A GRAMMY For The New Abnormal

The Strokes only took 20+ years to win a GRAMMY. I guess they still needed practice when they came out with the amazing tracks like “Reptilia” and “Last Nite” from successful albums like Is This It and Room On Fire.

The Strokes Win A GRAMMY

But finally! Finally the deciders, or should I say musical geniuses (SARCASM) over at the The Recording Academy FINALLY awarded The Strokes the Gramophone Award (what the award was originally named) for Best Rock Album of 2021 for The New Abnormal.

So congrats to The Strokes! May your next GRAMMY not take two decades. And if you’re not familiar with their album The New Abnormal, definitely check it out. It s the softer side of our favorite cerebrovascular event, but it’ll burrow into your summer favorites and leave you satisfied (maybe even naked).

The New Abnormal Album Wins GRAMMY

The Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas said after the win “I think people who say things are ‘dead,’ I feel like it means their imagination possibly has died. There’s room for so many genres of music; not necessarily blues rock, please no more of that.”

We love blues rock here at The Retro and do take issue to anyone bad-mouthing any of our favorite rock music. But The Strokes have been compared to garage rock bands for twenty years now, and Casablancas’ statement reads more to us as ‘We are more than just garage rock!’. And when you listen to their albums in totality you know they’ve delved into many other sounds over the years, and comparing them to garage rock anymore feels lazy.

The Strokes Videos

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