The Retro Gets a Studio Hotline!

The Retro, the newest rock station on the planet, and your new favorite choice for enjoying Grunge, Alternative, Hard Rock, Nu-Metal, Garage, Punk, 90s, 2000’s, and other amazing rock genres and artists now has a Studio Hotline! Yes, you can call and harass talk to our DJs, request a song, or just leave a strange voicemail when we don’t answer the phone right away (’cause sometimes we got shit to do… sometimes!). So go on! Call The Retro Hotline and get your jollies off with an old school crank call!

So go on- we love hearing from listeners, fans of the station, or even hate voicemail. But to be fair, if you leave a voicemail, you better believe you’ll end up on The Retro.

The Retro Studio Hotline: (844) 420-MEOW. That’s (844) 420-6369! Use it now!

The Retro Spawned
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