The Offspring’s Noodles Digs Chicks!

Yet another rock n’ roller has been caught up chasing tail feather. The guitarist of the rock band The Offspring, known affectionately by fans as “Noodles”, has confessed his new interest of…. birdwatching! Yep, Noodles is a birder!

To air his new observational obsession, he hosted a short and informative video detailing the Hobby. Whoops- sorry, not the small and agile falcon named “Hobby”, but the actual hobby (activities we waste money on) of watching birds. Actually, the video is titled “The Offspring – How-To Bird Watch”. But it squawks more like a docudrama of a man coming to terms with his loon looking. Pecker peeping? Inny ways…

Noodles Is A Birder!

The video is an easy 2:27 minutes long and includes some surprising cameos, including Ozzy Osbourne. And to be clear, a bat is not a bird. But a bat may flip the ‘bird’ to the Prince Of Darkness for the biting history he shares with the species. Other highlights of the video include Noodles’ finally taking on a lead singing role, but not for The Offspring. Rather, he sings like a phlegmatic angel imitating bird calls from the Great Blue Heron and the Red-tailed Hawk. He also names off some of his favorite dino descendants. By the way, never take bird lessons from a bass player! That’s something you’ll want to duck.

This fowl topic will prolly end up On-Air with Fil-N-Inny on Saturday night, but till then check out The Offspring’s vid below:

The Offspring – How-To Bird Watch

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