The Offspring + Monkeys + John Stamos = We Never Have Sex Anymore

The Offspring - Let The Bad Times Roll

“We Never Have Sex Anymore”. I am not making a statement about our physical interaction, or lack thereof, dear reader. No, I am writing about The Offspring’s latest release “We Never Have Sex Anymore” from their latest album Let The Bad Times Roll. The song is the third single from their tenth album released April 16th, 2021. The fist single was released waaay back in 2015, and is titled “Coming For You”.

We Never Have Sex Anymore

For the music video, The Offspring employed themselves, some extras, John Stamos, a few well-placed strippers, and the stars of the vid, a Mr. and Mrs. Chimpanzee. It was probably tough coordinating the production of the two and a half song flick during a worldwide pandemic. But don’t monkeys make everything better?! Even if they wear their masks like a chin diaper.

The Offspring - We Never Have Sex Anymore

The video is below for your viewing pleasure, but let’s quickly summarize the synopsis: Mr. and Mrs. Chimpanzee are stuck in the rut with their sexy tree time, if you know what I mean. Mr. Chimp swings into the local strip club to get his banana peeled. There he shares some bro time with none other than John Stamos, the tip rail and a good set of coconuts (monkey code for well-endowed dancer). Sounds fun!

Strippers & Monkey Business!

The album Let The Bad Times Roll is The Offspring’s first album in almost ten years, and released by Concord Records. They also enlisted the famous Bob Rock to produce the new work. This is the third Offspring album with Bob Rock’s fingerprints on it, including the 2008 CD Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, and the 2012 effort Days Go By.

By the way, Chimpanzees live full lives from 30 to 40 years old, so in a way their music is of the same poo slinging maturity. You can hear the new Offspring song and a ton of other tracks from the band spanning thirty years of punk, on The Retro!

“We Never Have Sex Anymore” by The Offspring

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