Simon Cowell got Deep-Faked!

Simon Cowell, the creator and constant judge on T.V.s’ America’s Got Talent, was deep-faked by the final contestant on last night’s episode!

Deep-fake technology, if you aren’t aware, is a fairly new development in the world of video editing. The video technology can apply anyone’s face and likeness to another actor. If the actor says a line, the deep-fake video of the subject reacts in the same way, just with the subject’s face, instead of the actor’s.

When Simon Cowell was deep-faked last night, the actor proceeded to sing Chicago’s classic song “You’re the Inspiration”. The deep-fake version of Cowell sang the song flawlessly!

Here’s some pics of the event, video of Chicago’s original music video for “You’re The Inspiration” and the youtube video of the Simon Cowell deep-fake in action!

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