Royal Blood Release New Track “Limbo” On Roblox

Royal Blood Release New Track “Limbo” On Roblox: What do you get when cross a rock band, a pandemic and a popular computer gaming platform? A track called “Limbo”. Rock band Royal Blood aren’t foreign to being first in something. They’ve blazed trails a few times, and now they’re cutting new ground virtually for this year’s 8th Annual Bloxy Awards. Royal Blood is not the first band to perform on Roblox. But Royal Blood is the first band to release a new single to an upcoming album on Roblox!

Royal Blood Release New Track “Limbo” On Roblox

On Saturday March 27th, 2021 Royal Blood performed a three-set virtual concert in support of their Typhoons album for Roblox players. Royal Blood’s Typhoons album is due to release on April 30th, 2021. And the band has released three singles so far from the work: “Trouble’s Coming”, “Typhoons” and “Limbo”. But for the Roblox Bloxy Awards, the duo appeared as avatars for the online show and played their songs “Trouble’s Coming”, “Figure It Out” and “Limbo”. We watched the show and performance. We also embedded the show’s video down below. It runs about 12 minutes.

Royal Blood - Typhoons

Unfortunately Royal Blood’s involvement with the Bloxy Awards didn’t do much to enhance the experience. The songs and the band’s playing were great, but the experience felt lifeless as Mike Kerr’s and Ben Thatcher’s avatars barely moved while attempting to “play” their respective instruments. The programmers and Roblox gaming platform could have done more to energize the virtual show. The three players bouncing around the “moshpit” did little to fire up the viewing crowd. Are concerts coming back yet???

[Royal Blood Releases “Typhoons” Album]

Royal Blood Performance On Roblox

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