The Retro

Welcome to The Retro! Before I explain what the hell we are, let me first explain why we are…

The Retro Rock Radio Station

Music is a funny, funky beast. Just like a butthole, everyone’s got an opinion about it. And mostly shit comes out. But I think we can all agree that rock radio has taken a steamy, sweaty dump the last few decades.

Rock stations have really let themselves go, especially over the last 10 years… The music is ultra repetitive, the new singles they play are severely overproduced, and they rarely sport any kind of new rock or music. If they do play anything different, they act like it’s new, even if it’s been out for years. I recently heard a DJ on a rock radio station announce Slipknot’s “Duality” as new music. WHAT?! They’re only a few decades late….

And so… The Retro.Rocks is born unto the world!

The Retro – Rediscover the Best in Rock!

Look. We LOVE music, especially ROCK music! Grunge. Love it! Rock blues. Love it! PUNK! Love it! Rock music to party with. Yes, Please! Yes, they played fantastic songs, but we LOVE rock music, not just a few bands or songs. We also love new music, but the mainstream is so focused on pop and country and money that it’s hard for new rock bands and artists to emerge in the traditional sense.

So, what can you expect (and not expect) from The Retro? Expect us to focus on great rock that gets down and dirty, that gets loud and obnoxious, and that has fun! But we try to avoid playing music that terrestrial stations have beaten into our skulls. We won’t play cheap, over-produced songs meant only for the immediate rotation score, only to be forgotten in a month.

Radio Programmed w/a Soul, Not an Algorithm!

We also don’t plan on boring you with the same old DJ vomiting of the mouth, but we also aren’t Pandora or Spotify. We will open our traps from time to time. We want The Retro to be a rock loving community of like-minded folk that’s not offended by words like “Poop”, or “Boobs”, or “Bitchola!”

So much rock music of the past 30 years really dug into the soul, ripped our hearts out and spit in our gaping open mouths while we screamed “Hell Yeah!” Where’s that rock music? Where’s that spirit? Where’s that attitude?

It’s right here, on The Retro. Rediscover the best in rock!

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