Rediscover Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique w/ Eggman

If you were a fan of HBO’s Watchmen this past season you may have come across a hidden gem at the end of episode 9. The song Eggman by the Beastie Boys fittingly ended the series installment with fun and intrigue. I won’t go into the details of the episode so as to not spoil it for anyone currently watching the show. But I will say it reignited a love in me for the album Paul’s Boutique.

If you want a deep dive into what the Beastie Boys sounded like beyond Sabotage and License to Ill, start with Eggman and Paul’s Boutique. The album was only the Beastie Boys’ second studio recording comprised of a ton of music samples and was produced by The Dust Brothers after the Beastie Boys had a falling out with their License to Ill producer Rick Rubin.

By the way, you can rediscover Eggman and other Paul’s Boutique tracks on The Retro. We believe in a heavy dose of the dopest Boys ever to rock a mic, yall!

-The Retro

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