Polly Wants a MF Cracker! Cursing Parrots at Zoo

Parrots talk. Well, more accurately, parrots mimic talking. And if humans stopped talking and only farted, that would be the sound they copied. How stinky would that be? Recently, the British animal sanctuary Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in eastern England developed a problem with five of their African Gray parrots. A naughty, profane “cussing parrots at zoo” problem.

On-the-Air with Fil-n-Inny

Just a little back story on the African Gray Parrot: they’re big, they’re gray and they’re expensive. Oh, and they “talk”. I’ve had a few run-ins with African Gray parrots 🦜 personally and none of said run-ins ended well. Nor would I place myself in a win column against these African Gray parrots during any of these said run-ins.

Cursing Parrots at Zoo

These particular five parrots, gifted to the sanctuary, developed a fun game they played together when guests came to visit the wildlife park: verbally accosting the visitors! That’s the polite way of saying the parrots cussed out people visiting the zoo. But these birds took this act of disrespect a step further; they ganged up on the guests while bitching them out. While one bird would hurl foul language at some unsuspecting soul, the others would cackle and laugh.

Potty-Mouthed Polly

To be fair, these cursing parrots at the zoo is nothing new, but many of the birds get shy and tight-lipped (tight-beaked?) in front of strangers. when guests come, the birds get less talkative and unlikely to “talk”. But not these Fowl-Mouthed Five! Imagine, taking the kiddies to the zoo, trying to have a good and wholesome time, and getting slurred by five feathered flunkies! There you are, with your fam, enduring F-bombs and rude, childish humor. It’s enough to make anyone plucking furious!

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