On-Air with Fil-N-Inny Replays!

On-Air with Fil-N-Inny Replays: You know life just isn’t the same without the dumb fun Fil-N-Inny bring to The Retro and rock radio! Tune in to On-Air with Fil-N-Inny every Saturday night 6PM-10PM Pacific to listen LIVE! Or catch up with the On-Air with Fil-N-Inny Replays from The Retro YouTube Channel below. You’re guaranteed to lose a few brain cells.

On-Air with Fil-N-Inny Replays!

Get to Know Fil-N-Inny

Are you familiar with Fil-N-Inny and their show? No? Well then, cuddle up with you favorite blankey and let me tell you a few fun facts about them you may or may not already know about this dubious duo!

First and foremost, both Fil-N-Inny have long and shiny histories in the terrestrial radio industry. In fact, Fil-N-Inny met working at a rock radio station in Southern California and immediately connected with on-air chemistry even your high school science teacher “Heisenberg” can’t cook up! So they started working on the air together every weeknight, broadcasting to thousands of rock listeners.

But now Fil-N-Inny grace the airwaves of The Retro and believe they have found the radio home they’ve been looking for all these years! And now it seems they are free to air out all their hopes, dreams, grievances, and overall detrimental personality traits that most of humanity does not possess. And of course you’ll want to hear every minute of it: it’s basically the audio equivalate of a nasty car crash!

The Retro Artists (What We Play)

Fil-N-Inny Family Fotos

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