Nirvana Plays "Smells Like Teen Spirit" At Beehive

Nirvana Plays “Teen Spirit” in Record Store

We found this little gem of a video (below) floating around the Internet. It showcases Kurt Cobain and Nirvana playing their breakout “Smells Like Teen Spririt” right before their album Nevermind was available for sale- like a week before. The video quality is crap, and the “camera person” doesn’t really know what to do with their lens, shaking and panning back and forth between band members, but otherwise capturing a historic rock moment.

This took place at the Beehive Record Store, in Seattle, Washington. The location is now a Petco! We’ve included a map of the location just in case you want to visit a rock historical spot while picking up some cat treats for Fluffy:

Considering this was filmed in the very early Nineties of a band no one knew at the time would take over the music world, it’s pretty freaking cool. The shaky close-ups of Cobain breathing fire into his mic reminisces of the music video that dominated MTV when MTV was music. Take a look and enjoy the fact that the people in the footage have no idea what is about to happen to Nirvana and create the legend of Kurt Cobain, including the band.

-The Retro

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