NIRATIAS: Chevelle’s New Album Drops!

NIRATIAS is Chevelle‘s newest, bruising album. The work was set to release today, Friday March 5th, 2021. And since Midnight has just struck, we got our hands on this latest Chevelle record. We will be playing and sampling all the great tracks all weekend, Friday thru Sunday, in celebration of the new music. So make sure you tune in!

NIRATIAS – Chevelle’s New Album

Chevelle has already released the singles from the album: “Self Destructor”, an acoustic version of “Endlessly”, and “Peach”. We included the music videos for all three songs below. By the way, NIRATIAS is an acronym for Nothing Is Real And This Is A Simulation. Below is the full track list of the NIRATIAS album. Beware, there be some strange spellings on these tunes! Now I am off to listen to this bad boy!


  1. Verruckt
  2. So Long, Mother Earth
  3. Mars Simula
  4. Sleep The Deep
  5. Self Destructor
  6. Pistol Star (Gravity Heals)
  7. Vvurmhole
  8. Peach
  9. Test Test …enough
  10. Endlessly
  11. Remember When
  12. Ghost And Razor
  13. Lost In Digital Woods

NIRATIAS Album Cover

Here’s the artwork for Chevelle’s new album in 2021 (Anyone else get the Dolores-from-Westworld feel from the female character on the album cover?)

Chevelle – Self Destructor Video

Chevelle – Endlessly Video

Chevelle – Peach Visualizer Video

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