Niratias: Chevelle’s New Album Comes Out Friday 3/5/21

Chevelle is set to release their ninth studio album Niratias (still having issues pronouncing that right) on Friday, March 5th, this year of 2021.

I’m not particularly sure where the word “Niratias” comes from, or what it means. But with a quick Google search I found a few theories of the word’s origin….

Chevelle: Niratias – Out Friday March 5th, 2021

One theory stated it was a name of a planet from the Star Wars movies. Another speculated it was an acronym for “Nothing Is Real And This Is A Simulation”.

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No matter what the album title means, fans are pretty excited to hear the new work. Some lucky listeners even received their pre-order CDs in the mail early!

We are definitely excited as well. And I MUST get my hands on the Niratias promotional item, the Out Of Stock Magic 8 Ball for The Retro studio!

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