Metallica The Blacklist: 53 Artist Collaboration Coming

Metallica - Self-Titled

Metallica. Mainly due to their consequential release of their Self-Titled “Black” album in 1991, the band has owned rock radio airwaves for nearly thirty years. Even the most pedestrian metal rock listener can name at least one song from the 12 track CD. Tunes like “Sad But True”, “The Unforgiven” and “Enter Sandman” are still played on a regular basis that even current successful hits are jealous of.

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53 Artist Collaboration

Enter Metallica The Blacklist. Coinciding with a rerelease and remastering of the Black Album, Metallica The Blacklist is a collaboration of 53 artists from a wide array of genres and styles covering songs from the band’s most-successful album to-date. Some notable talent featured is Miley Cyrus and her version of “Nothing Else Matters”. This cover song also features Elton John contributing on piano. But what we’re pretty excited about is Cage The Elephant’s arrangement of “The Unforgiven”.

The collaboration of some 53 artists and bands covering Metallica’s songs from the Black Album is due to release on September 10th, 2021. Not sure the reasoning for the release date: the original Self-Titled CD was released on August 12th, 1991. Maybe we’re just sticklers for timing, but it seems kinda cooler to release it on the same exact day, but thirty years later!

The Miley Cyrus cover is already available to listen to on Youtube. The intro clearly highlights Elton John’s piano arrangement of the song, reminding us how melodic the speed metal band could and can be. The Retro will patiently wait to hear other station favorites like Royal Blood, Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Stonesour, and Weezer and their take on these most-famous of Metallica songs. The full list of contributing artists can be found on Metallica’s website announcing Metallica The Blacklist.

Of course, these covers will never replace the original songs from the Black Album, and so Metallica is also remastering and rereleasing the full 12 track work so hardcore fans can revisit in high definition quality their favorite Self-Titled moments.

Also a part of the release is a vinyl album collection priced at $160, CD collection at $30 and digital album download costing $50. The black album rerelease includes a fully remastered deluxe box set valued at $240 and other varied versions of the collection that includes things like Metallica guitar picks, lanyards, 120-page accompanying book, live content, DVDs, and more (of course there’s more)!

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