Metallica Suing Again….

Once again Metallica is suing someone. But this time they’re suing an insurance company. Apparently Metallica bought an insurance policy for some shows they had planned in South America before the Corona Virus pandemic hit. They wanted to ensure if the shows were canceled they’d, well, have an insurance policy for their lost revenue from the canceled shows. Unfortunately for Metallica, someone didn’t read the fine print. The insurance company, Lloyd’s of London, had a clause in the policy that excludes claims of cancellation due to “the spread of communicable diseases”.

Metallica Suing Lloyd’s of London

We’ll keep a close eye on this lawsuit, but Metallica will weight their argument with the court seeking “And Justice For All”. That joke didn’t work… Let me try again… If the judge doesn’t see it their way, the band may “Kill ‘Em All”. It’s just “Sad but True” Metallica didn’t read the fine print, But at the end of day “Nothing Else Matters” because they still may be the “One” stuck with the expenses. Wow. These jokes suck… Let me try one more: Metallica sues so much, you could say they “Ride The Litigation”! Nope. I’m as good at ‘Metallica Suing’ puns as Metallica is at picking legal fights.

Read the original story in NBC Los Angeles here

Metallica Suing Insurer Lloyd's of London
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