Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places

Love is a finnicky, funky beast. One minute its sucking your toes, telling you how beautiful your rump is. And the next its smashing your Animation Domination figurine collection and bitching about your dysfunctional family! Oh, we’ve all looked for love, but not all love should be found. How does the old Johnny Lee song go? “Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places…” But Valentine’s Day comes and goes every friggin’ year, so let’s get through this together.

Fil-N-Inny have their own love story too. And even though they’re together, love has found ways to use and abuse both Fil and Inny, and isn’t it fun to share in their misery? And talkin’ bout looking for love, hear about the food fight that ended up with Fil and Inny both saying “I Do!” That’s right, an infamous food fight led to Fil-N-Inny getting married. Seems low-class…, but whatever…//.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places w/ Fil-N-Inny!

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