Korn’s “Untouchables” Turns 20

Korn - Untouchables

Wow. Its been twenty years ago today since the release of Korn’s fifth album Untouchables. The CD was released on June 11th, 2002 and has been wildly successful, with amazing tracks for any kind of Korn fan. To date the work has sold almost a million and a half copies.

One of my favorites includes the first track, and the first released single, “Here To Stay”. I included the YouTube video below- The song won a Grammy, and debuted in the second slot on the Billboard 200 when it came out. 😀 It was only behind Eminem’s The Eminem Show, and remember how HUGE that was? Yeah, Untouchables kicked ass and took some names at its inception.

But, in my humble opinion the best track on the album, and quite possibly my all-time favorite Korn song, is the ninth track “Alone I Break”. I included that YouTube video as well. It’s one of the band’s slower songs, but it burrowed deep into my soul twenty years ago, and never came back out. It’s a beautiful and original work of art that really talks to the troubled thoughts in my head.

There were three singles altogether in support of Untouchables, listed in order here, and the videos below: “Here To Stay”, “Thoughtless” and “Alone I Break”.

Korn “Here To Stay”

Korn “Thoughtless”

Korn “Alone I Break”

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