Korn – Monumental Streams Today!

Korn - The Nothing

Alrighty, pandemic-weary Korn fans! Other than a real life concert with Korn, the next best thing is happening today, April 24th, 2021! Korn will be playing at the “Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience” in Los Angeles, California for their streaming show “Monumental – A Global Streaming Event”. The event will feature tons of Korn favorites, and new stuff from their latest album release The Nothing, including favorites like “Finally Free” and “H@rd3r”. The band is also promising rare stuff and deep album tracks.

Korn – Monumental

The Korn “Monumental” stream starts at 1PM Pacific today! You can get tickets for the stream, merchandise and other goodies at their website KornLive.com. And don’t forget to tune into The Retro for all the greatest Korn songs ever broadcasted! Listen LIVE at TheRetro.Rocks!

Korn – Monumental – A Global Streaming Event

Korn has also announced they’ve written a new album during the pandemic. Quarantine has helped drive the creation of the new material, but they admit its been hard to get together because of their locations throughout Southern California. They have yet to announce a projected release date for the new work.

Their previous album, The Nothing, has been critically revered, although the release back in late 2019 never received any touring support due to the pandemic. “Korn – Monumental” is meant to serve that purpose in some ways. The band admitted they are weary and can’t wait to play shows in front of live audiences once again. The live streaming event starts at 1PM PST/ 4PM EST today, Saturday, April 24th, 2021.

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