Korn Drops New Song “Forgotten”

Good morning and Happy Friday! If you need a reason (or another reason) to smile today, Korn has released a new single called “Forgotten” for their upcoming album Requiem, due to release next month on February 4th, 2022. The song, along with Requiem’s other single “Start The Healing” is in full rotation on TheRetro.Rocks, along with the rest of Korn’s incredible library. Give the song a listen with the official audio YouTube video below, and check out Korn’s new stuff LIVE on the air this weekend! And when the band releases the entirety of the new record, you best believe we will be listening and airing it!

Korn - Requiem
Korn “Requiem” – Due February 4th, 2022

KoRn “Forgotten”

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