Korn Announce Free YouTube Show ‘Requiem Mass’

Korn’s new album Requiem comes out this Friday, February 4th. You may have heard a few of their new songs from it: “Start The Healing” and “Forgotten” here on The Retro. Judging by these early releases, Korn has aged well, settling into the Godfathers of Nu-metal label the public has given them.

The band also just announced an intimate show at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles this Thursday, February 3rd starting at 8PT. Korn has named this small show Requiem Mass. The show will be streamed live, and for free via Korn’s YouTube channel.

Requiem Mass

For more info on Korn’s tour, the new Requiem album, and Thursday’s live-streaming show on YouTube, click here.

And while you’re there, check out some Korn merch. I particularly liked the ski mask.

-The Retro

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