Johnny Rotten’s Sex Pistol Bit by Squirrel Fleas

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols loves squirrels. He has made friends with quite a few. He even said of these nutty tree rodents “I’ve spent a lot of f*ing money feeding my squirrels!” This ultimately resulted in a flea infestation. But let’s back up- how did the “Anarchy in the U.K.” and “God Save the Queen” legend end up a squirrel whisperer?

Sex Pistol Legend Johnny Rotten Got Fleas

Johnny Rotten, also known by his given name John Lydon, has endured the pandemic much like the rest of us, doing what he can to socially distance, stay sane, and keep busy. He has publicly admitted he “misses his mates”. So what does one do when one gets lonely? One makes friends, even if the friendships are unconventional. And one thing Johnny Rotten is, is unconventional.

Johnny Rotten Gave Squirrels His Nuts

In quarantine lockdown John Lydon made friends with a scurry of squirrels at his residence in Venice, California. He started feeding the squirrels and eventually they became comfortable with each other. As the friendship grew, the tree rats came closer and closer, eventually swarming the punk prince and climbing him like scaffolding at an unhinged rock concert!

Squirrels Gave Johnny Rotten Fleas

This dray of nut-loving rodents had fleas (squirrels can also carry ticks and various diseases) and eventually passed this nasty infestation on to the rock star front man. These squirrel fleas were not kind to Mr. Rotten, finding their way to his sex pistol (and nuts) and biting him profusely. If you are concerned for John Lydon please rest assured he is taking measures seriously and drowning his junk in Vaseline to ease his discomfort.

Fil-N-Inny Discuss Johnny Rotten’s Flea-Bitten Sex Pistol

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