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Introducing “Retro Discoveries”

Here at The Retro we are all about the support of the Rock Community. But we believe rock artists and their music get the shaft in today’s musical climate by labels, radio stations and other forms of finding music. Need proof? Just watch the Grammys! Or reruns of the Grammys, I guess (thanks Covid).

So if you are in a band, or if you are a solo artist and want a chance to get your music heard on the radio, hit us up on Twitter @TheRetro420. We do a lot of Rediscovering the Best in Rock. We also like to discover new rock!

The Retro - Discover the Best in Rock!
Rediscover the Best in Rock!

Be a part of our new feature: Retro Discoveries

How do you get on Retro Discoveries, you ask? Simple. Get us your MP3, high quality is best, and sit back and see if your music is good enough to get on The Retro. If it does… Congrats! You’re a budding rock star in the making! We will be sure to contact you with the time and date that your song will play before we air it so you can tell all your friends and flex. Again, contact us on Twitter @TheRetro420, and be our next Retro Discovery!

Our first Retro Discovery hails from New York, timely named Psych-O-Positive. We connected with their singer and sitar player Psych-O-Judy and instantly knew we needed to play their song, “Blood (Coming Out Of Her Whatever)”. What a fantastic song title that conjures up all kinds of mental pictures!

You can listen to Psych-O-Positive’s song “Blood (Coming Out Of Her Whatever)” tonight and tomorrow night 9PM Eastern and 9PM Pacific on The Retro. And check out Psych-O-Positive on Twitter and their page at

-The Retro

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