Introducing: Hessian Sessions – New Head Bangin’ Feature on The Retro!

Hessians. Either they’re German mercenary soldiers that helped the U.S. colonies fight for their independence during the American Revolutionary War, or they’re head banging, sometimes ill-tempered, sometimes long-haired and unkempt, metal and hard rock fans. The Retro’s new feature, Hessian Sessions, is designed for the later, although we are thankful for the assist from the 17th Century German soldiers.

Hessian Session

From now until The Retro rocks into the eternity of space and time, we will feature a Hessian Session, every night 🌙 at 10PM (Pacific). Hessian Sessions will feature all your favorite metal, hair, prog and hard rock bands you (or your dad) grew up on!

Every Night 10PM

But we want Hessian Sessions to be open to interpretation and suggestions! Yes, that means including requests on the feature. You can request a song, or an entire block! So be sure to request your favorite rocker tracks, grow out your hair, and get ready to head bang till your neck gives out! And check out our Hessian Sessions every night at 10PM!

Make Your Request Below:

Hessian Sessions
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