Happy Friday the 13th! Is this Day Really Bad Luck?

Friday the 13th is more than just a series of campy horror movies, its also an enduring, albeit infamous tradition of sorts. Many cultures, and especially western ones, celebrate Friday the 13th unceremoniously every year. But where did Friday the 13th come from?

First off, did you know that Friday the 13th can occur once a year, or multiple times a year. Many believe, as I have, that the 13th of Friday only happens once a year, but a quick trip down the calendar reveals this notion is incorrect.

According to Wikipedia, Friday happened on the 13th three separate times in 2015. Last year it only occured once. But this year (2023) will have two Friday the 13ths.

But how did Friday the 13th become what it is today? And what is it exactly? Well, its really just a day that some in society consider unlucky. There’s documentation of this in history going back a hundred fifty years or so ago, but other than quick references, nothing that cements its beginning.

But the day’s reign of terror really began after the movie franchise Friday the 13th began in the early 1980’s. Since then, our American culture has popularized the end-of-week day since.

So… Happy Friday the 13th! I hope its not anything you don’t want it to be, and I hope you have the best luck you can muster. Btw, the Mega Millions lotto is over a billion and a third tonight. Maybe you can win it and dispell the bad luck mantra of this day.

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