Happy Birthday, Layne Staley

Layne Staley
Layne Staley (1967 – 2002)

Today is an important day if youre an Alice in Chains fan. Today, August 22nd, is Layne Staley’s birthday. The AIC lead singer was born on this day in 1967. It was a Tuesday. Layne would be 55 years old today.

To celebrate, how about some Staley trivia! What is Layne’s middle name? Give up? Rutherford. Seriously, that’s his middle name.

I recently read an article about the late, great grunge singer, and the piece referenced his mother and her thoughts on her son’s legacy. I’d cite the source, but I don’t remember the publication. I’m sure you can find it with a quick Google search. In the article, Layne’s mother said her favorite album, and Staley’s swansong (or swansongs) was Mad Season‘s first and only album. She also said its her favorite work by her son.

So in honor of 90’s rock, grunge and everything rock, happy birthday, Layne Staley. Rest in peace, young man.

If you are unfamiliar with Mad Season, here’s a collection of videos so you can learn how amazeballs the one-album band was. And of course, we all know how great Alice In Chains was with ‘Rutherford’, so we included videos of AIC too.

Mad Season

Alice In Chains

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