Fil N’ Inny Replays: Are Lucky Charms Marshmallows 💓🍀🌜🔷️ Good All By Themselves?

Did you catch On-Air with Fil N’ Inny tonight? They go live every Saturday night 6pm to 10pm Pacific. The award winning show features some of the country’s most thought provoking conversations, live interviews with celebrities and influential people, and programming from all over the world.

OK, most of that is true, with the exception of everything but the time of the show. 6pm to 10pm, Btw (if you forgot). But because we have a serious heart on for you, we included a Fil N’ Inny Replay below to hold you over.

In this episode, Fil N’ Inny address breakfast cereal mascots and the imperfections of their existence.

Actually, NO! I can’t stay silent anymore! Tony the Tiger and Count Chocula are more than just incompetent- these mascots have lied and deceived us for years! All while tricking us into being lazy and willfully giving up on our children’s dietary health! Parents can’t possibly be responsible for every breakfast their offspring eats. Parents can’t possibly be responsible for their kid’s welfare all the time!

Making a guest appearance in the show below: Lucky the Leprechaun, Tony the Tiger, Rice Crispy Treats’ Snap, Crackle and Pop, and Fil N’ Inny, of course!

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