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Are you curious about CBD? Do you want to give it a try but you don’t know where to start? The new landscape of CBD products can be confusing, and worse, who can you trust to buy it from? What’s CBG? And what’s this new CBDV? It’s too much information for the unfamiliar consumer. Random google searches online can discourage many from even getting to the point of trying CBD.

When we first tried CBD, also known as “Cannabidiol”, here at The Retro, we didn’t know what was legal, what was illegal, what types of CBD were available, or what were the best forms to take CBD. Basically, besides the fact that CBD and terpene compounds come from the hemp plant just like marijuana does, we knew nothing. Thankfully, we stumbled upon Tweedle Farms, an ODA registered industrial hemp farm!

It was a stroke of luck. Since we started ordering CBD products from Tweedle Farms a few years ago, we’ve come to realize how valuable a good CBD supplier is! There’s a lot of scammers, fakers, and otherwise bad actors in the world of CBD. With all this misinformation and confusion consumers must get through, quality suppliers sometimes find it hard to rise above the noise.

Tweedle Farms CBD

We had a lot of questions about CBD: Does it have any THC or psychedelics? How can CBD help me? How much should CBD cost? How should I take CBD? And how much CBD should I take at one time?

You know what one of our most-pressing questions were when we first bought from Tweedle Farms? Was it LEGAL to receive CBD in the mail?! Flower CBD comes in the raw flower and bud form. And if you order CBD flower, it straight up looks like you’re ordering WEED! I had ridiculous fantasies of cops delivering my CBD package with a set of handcuffs, or spending my hard-earned money only to get nothing. But Tweedle Farms, with what I imagined was a collective chuckle at our naivety, assured us every order would deliver on time, every time, without the risk of authorities locking us away. Lol!

Tweedle Farms offers CBD, CBG and other types of cannabidiol in multiple forms, like tinctures, topicals (applied to the skin), concentrates, oils, edibles including gummies, and of course flower. We’ve ordered CBD from Tweedle Farms for a few years now and have been completely satisfied with their products and service!

Fil N’ Inny had the chance to talk with the co-founder and co-owner Jason Evans about CBD, Tweedle Farms and other topics that shed some light on the fairly new industry and product. He was a blast to talk to, and Fil even got to try out his elk call via convenience store straw. You read that right! Wanna hear the interview? Check it out with the YouTube video below.

If you’d like to try Tweedle Farms out for yourself, just go to their website Check out their CBD products and various forms they offer it in. And for TheRetro.Rocks listeners use the promo code “THERETRO” and get 20% your entire order! You. Are. Welcome.

-The Retro

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Tweedle Farms Interview

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