Crazy Town’s “Shifty” Talks “Butterfly” & More

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Remember the song “Butterfly” from back in the day? No? Yeah you do! Let this lyric jar your memory: “Come my lady, Come-come my lady… You’re my butterfly, Sugar, Baby!” See, I knew you’ve heard that song! And how could you not. That song was a monster hit, gaining international fame and instant recognition for the band Crazy Town and their lead singer and rapper Seth Binzer, better known as “Shifty Shellshock”.

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While you were wasting your life binge-watching lame shows on Netflix and geeking out over the next Marvel movie, Shifty and his band Crazy Town (also known as Crazy Town X & CTX) have led incredibly interesting lives, traveling all over the world playing their music, including their song “Butterfly”, to millions of cheering fans.

“Butterfly” by Crazy Town

Shifty Of Crazy Town

And Fil-N-Inny were lucky enough to land an interview with Shifty! He’s extremely cool and laid-back, and opened up about how the pandemic has affected his band’s touring, while giving him time to work on his next album. He also shares how he came to be called “Shifty”, how he rocked the spikey blonde hairstyle, and an amazing story of how he and the band survived a bloody accident with a large moose while traveling to a show on a desolate Canadian highway!

Shifty also shared his thoughts and feelings on the song “Butterfly” as it became a behemoth monster hit, and how his love/hate relationship with the song fared over the years. So take a listen to our interview below, and be sure to listen to “Butterfly” on The Retro!

Interview with “Shifty” of Crazy Town

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