Cocaine Bear Is A Must See! Plus Other Animals on Drugs…

Cocaine Bear. It’s a movie. It’s a meme. It’s a true story… to some extent… But what is the story about cocaine bear?

The Cocaine Bear or “narco-bear” is a real-life event that occurred in 1985, when a black bear in Georgia was found dead after eating over 70 pounds of cocaine that had been dropped from a drug smugglers’ plane. The bear had climbed a tree after consuming the drugs and was unable to climb down, ultimately leading to its death. Assumably having the time of his life before losing it. The remains of the bear were preserved and are on display at a taxidermy museum in Kentucky. Rednecks’ll stuff anything. The bear’s death and the circumstances surrounding it became a popular internet meme in the early 2010s. And now it’s a movie.

But a bear trippin’ on the White Pony begs the question: what other animals have displayed a tendency to use drugs? There have been several reports of animals that have used drugs or shown a tendency to seek out and consume them, including:

  1. Chimpanzees and monkeys have been observed self-administering drugs such as cocaine and alcohol in captive settings. And let’s not forget “Crystal”, the cigarette smoking monkey in The Hangover 2. That tweekin’ little primate did drugs, dealt drugs and smoked cigarettes… and all for a banana!
  2. Elephants in the wild have been known to consume fermented fruit that contains ethanol. Putting them to bed after a night of drinking must be a be chore.
  3. Dogs have been known to eat and become intoxicated from marijuana or other drugs accidentally or intentionally left within their reach. Fuckin’ stoners.
  4. Cows and goats have been known to consume opium poppies, which can cause them to become drowsy and uncoordinated. Basically, they don’t moooove very well! Lol!
  5. Seagulls and other birds have been known to consume caffeine from discarded coffee beans. And they’re always loitering in front of Starbucks too. And the dump.

I won’t even get into lemurs and their degenerate ways. Those little furry fuckers will drink all your wine and smoke all your pot. Google their habits if you must. These instances are not common, but they do highlight the potential for animals to be attracted to and consume drugs. But damn, do I wanna see Cocaine Bear! That kinda flick tickles my Grammies.

Please leave a comment below if you wanna talk shit. And I posted the movie trailer too for your fun and enjoyment:

Cocaine Bear Movie Trailer

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