Check Out Metallica’s New Songs “Lux Æterna” & “Screaming Suicide”

Metallica‘s longevity is unquestioned. Considering the band emerged in the early 80’s, and they’re still releasing thrash most metal music fans want to listen to, I’d say they deserve that designation. But many of us, this writer included, haven’t felt great about their last few albums. I wasn’t fond of St. Anger. The Lou Reed collaberation was painful, God rest Lou’s soul. And Death Magnetic is still sour in my rocker pallete. Hard-Wired? Meh.

But something has reignited Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett and Trujillo. When I first heard “Lux Æterna” I was blown away (btw, THAT’S hard to type out… maybe someone can give me the correct keystrokes for ‘Æ’). The song felt like it was written for Kill ‘Em All, Metallica’s first studio album. That album came out in 1983!! For those of you that can’t count, that’s a forty year span. The guitars are once again screaming like Metallica guitars. Hammett sounds amazeballs. Hetfield is growling again. And Ulrich’s double bass kicks ass!

Here’s the offical video for “Lux Æterna”. Please comment below and let us know what you think…

Lux Æterna

And then there’s Screaming Suicide. Yet another call back to the old school days of thrash metal. In my opinion the song isn’t as strong as “Lux Æterna” but still is a solid piece of mosh pit inspiring fun. The tune is also a highlighter of sorts bringing attention to the suicide trend our society is experiencing. Being seriously touched by suicide of a close family member in my personal life gives me a ton of respect for Metallica for having the balls to call out a social issue like this.

Again, below is the official video of “Screaming Suicide”. And again, please comment below and let TheRetro.Rocks know your thoughts on this new Metallica music:

Screaming Suicide

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