Check Out Deftones’ Video For “Ceremony”

Can you believe Deftones have released their ninth (NINTH!) studio album?! And the surprising part is how great number nine is. We’re talking about their Ohms album, released late last year on September 25th, 2020. You may have already heard the first couple of singles, the title track “Ohms” and “Genesis”, on The Retro. But the third single “Ceremony” is the gold fillings in the teeth of Ohms.

Deftones - Ohms

Admittedly, we here at The Retro already started playing “Ceremony” long before it was a single. When the album first hit, we tracked the entire work, curating what we thought would sound great on the air. “Ceremony” jumped out at us from the very start. It’s just a great song, while also feeling a bit different than other Deftones pieces.

Deftones’ “Ceremony” Music Video

In an age of cheap video on YouTube, its fun to find a music video worth playing a few times. The interpretation of viewers is fun too (make sure to read the YouTube comments). Give it a watch. I’ve included the video below. It stars actress Cleopatra Coleman. We won’t spoil the content for you, but guaranteed you’ll ask yourself “what’s the video mean?”, leading you to your own interpretation and meaning behind the video, and song.


It will also leave you asking “What did she say?” at the end! No, seriously…. what does she say at the end?!?!

Enjoy! We left the comments of this blog open if you’d like to share your interpretations:

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