Breakfast Cereal Mascots: What Do You Really Know?

Lucky Charms are allegedly delicious. Frosted Flakes are also apparently great. And Rice Krispies? They own the hip hop angle of kids’ cereal. Breakfast cereal mascots are wholesome, yummy and a “balanced part of this breakfast”. But did you know Tony the Tiger was a Scientologist? It’s true. And did you also know Lucky the Leprechaun is rumored to be closely associated with the IRA (Irish Republican Army)? And how shocking was it to learn live on TV back in 2020 that breakfast cereal mascot Count Chocula was really the cast member Pete Davidson from NBC’s long running show Saturday Night Live?

Fil-N-Inny Discuss Breakfast Cereal Mascots

So, not gonna lie, you probably knew more BEFORE you hear this episode of On-Air with Fil-N-Inny, than you will know AFTER. Yes sir, this episode will kill your brain cells. It is called “Lucky Charms Are NOT Magically Delicious”! Fil also discusses what is was like getting a full box of Lucky Charms as a kid. This was before Lucky Charms offered just the marshmallows for sale. Yeah, they do that now.

By the way, that Scientology and IRA stuff, it ain’t true. Pete Davidson REALLY IS Count Chocula though!

-The Retro

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