Break Dancing… the Next Olympic Sport!

As the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo comes to an end (the closing ceremonies are Sunday), let’s reflect on a couple things. First, because of the delay the COVID Pandemic caused, the 2022 Winter Olympics are next year. Wow. But also, the next Summer Olympics, due to be held in Paris, France in 2024, will feature breakdancing. Yep- breakdancing! From what info I’ve gathered, it’ll be competition-based, like breakdancing battles done on the streets of the 80’s. Competitors will go head-to-head, doing tricks like the Windmill, Headspin or the Jackhammer! Brilliant!

The b-boys and b-girls (as the “breakers” are called in the sport) will compete by performing various tricks and dance moves for points awarded by judges. Since the culture of “breaking” is deep with history, with very talented performers emerging over the years, I’m sure its going to be an amazing comp to watch in the next Olympics! How could it NOT be fun?!?

I don’t want to age myself too much, but I was a wee lad during the 80’s heyday of breakdancing. I even had a large double cassette boom box (gifted to me by my confused dad) I hoisted onto my shoulder while I dragged a piece of cardboard around looking to battle the neighborhood kids. I even sported parachute pants for authenticity. Sadly, I’ve misplaced my boom box and parachute pants, but I still can do that little back and forth dance right before you seamlessly end up on the ground in a backspin! I’ve got a couple years; maybe I’ll start training and go get myself a gold!


By the way, why didn’t I remember that Shooter McGavin was in Breakin’??!

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