#BeGoodToThePlanet – Inny Gets Caught Being Trashy!

Be good to the Planet. Seems simple enough. But just like at home, a dirty environment doesn’t clean itself up! Are we about to go tree-huggin’ hippy on you? Yes. We. Are. But we also like to get trashy! We here at The Retro got trashy mouths (and thoughts), but that doesn’t warrant living in filth. And that’s why we started the campaign #BeGoodToThePlanet!

So yesterday, while we were running errands for Trent Reznor (not really), we came across a full bag of trash right in the middle of the road! We are always asking everyone else to pick up trash and dispose of it properly and share it with us on social media by tagging @TheRetro420 (this enters you to win Retro merch, BTW), we had to stop and dispose of it before a truck or car ran over it, spreading the contents everywhere.


And we proved it, sharing this quick video on Twitter and Facebook. So help us #BeGoodToThePlanet! And enter to win free Retro Merch simply for being a good Earthling! Don’t forget to tag us @TheRetro420!

Inny Gets Caught Being Trashy! #BeGoodToThePlanet and tag us @TheRetro420!!

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