Wolfmother is a garage rock band from Australia. They are best known for psychedelic-influenced songs like “Joker And The Thief” and “Woman” from their self-titled album Wolfmother. The band first released Wolfmother on Halloween in 2005. The title track and first single “Woman” greeted fans and critics with the retro assault of garage rock from the past, yet reimagined.

Wolfmother has had many band members over the years, while the one constant band and founding member is Andrew Stockdale. Andrew Stockdale is credited with the writing the artist’s songs and the signature sound of Wolfmother. The band to date continues to release music and tour. Their latest release Rock n’ Roll Baby saw a detour from this sound with more of a techo-electronic influence, to a lackluster reception from fans and rock music critics.

Studio Albums

  • Wolfmother (Self-Titled – Released in 2005)
  • Cosmic Egg (Released in 2009)
  • New Crown (Released in 2014)
  • Victorious (Released in 2016)
  • Rock n’ Roll Baby (Released in 2019)


Band Members

  • Andrew Stockdale – Founding Member (Lead Singer/Lead Guitar)
  • Hamish Rosser (Drummer)
  • Bobby Poulton (Bass Player)

Past Band Members

  • Aidan Nemeth
  • Chris Ross
  • Dave Atkins
  • Elliott Hammond
  • Ian Peres
  • Myles Heskett
  • Will Rockwell-Scott
  • Vin Steele


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