Soundgarden was a rock band from Seattle, Washington and is viewed by many to be one of a few original architects of the grunge movement, along with Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and of course Nirvana. The band was led by the screamer Chris Cornell, who is considered one of rock’s most iconic singers, and lead guitar player Kim Thayil.

Both Cornell and Thayil were founding members that played with Soundgarden throughout the tenure of the band. Although not founding members, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron also became mainstays of the band. To date, the most successful Soundgarden album is Superunknown, but Badmotorfinger is a fan favorite with many well-known tracks including Jesus Christ Pose, Rusty Cage and Outshined.

Studio Albums

  • Ultramega OK (Released in 1988)
  • Louder Than Love (Released in 1989)
  • Badmotorfinger (Released in 1991)
  • Superunknown (Released in 1994)
  • Down on the Upside (Released in 1996)
  • King Animal (Released in 2012)


Band Members

  • Chris Cornell (Singer/Rhythm Guitar)
  • Kim Thayil (Lead Guitar)
  • Ben Shepherd (Bass/Backup Vocals)
  • Matt Cameron (Drums/Backup Vocals)
  • Hiro Yamamoto (Bass/Backup Vocals)
  • Scott Sundquist (Drums)
  • Jason Everman (Bass)


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