Mother Love Bone

Mother Love Bone was a glam rock and grunge band from Seattle, Washington lead by Andrew Wood, Chris Cornell’s roommate. Wood, along with future Pearl Jam bass and guitar players Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard, formed the group in 1988. Quickly afterwards, Polydor/Stardog signed them to a record deal, creating the Stardog imprint portion of the name specifically for the band.

Mother Love Bone released their debut EP Shine, in 1989, becoming the first of the Seattle area pre-grunge bands to do so on a major label. Later that year Mother Love Bone recorded their first full-length album Apple. Unfortunately, days before the album was released Wood was found unresponsive from a herion overdose. After a few days in the hospital without any brain activity, life support was turned off.

Chris Cornell approached surviving members of Mother Love Bone and showed them songs he wrote in tribute to Andrew. They soon formed the one-album band Temple Of The Dog (named from a verse Wood wrote for the song “Man OF Golden Words”). The album, revered by many fans as a grunge classic, also featured Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron.

Studio Albums

  • Shine (Released in 1989)
  • Apple (Released in 1990)
  • Mother Love Bone (Compilation Album/Released in 1992)
  • On Earth As It Is – The Complete Works (Compilation Album/Released in 2016)


Band Members

  • Andrew Wood (Lead Singer/Deceased)
  • Bruce Fairweather (Guitar)
  • Stone Gossard (Guitar)
  • Jeff Ament (Bass)
  • Regan Hagar (Drums)
  • Greg Gilmore (Drums)


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