Korn is a nu-metal and post grunge band from Bakersfield, California and formed in 1993. The band is best known for their heavy bass and guitar riffs and schizophrenic and anger-laced lyrics from lead singer Jonathan Davis. Korn is also credited with starting the nu-metal movement although the band and Jonathan Davis don’t claim the crown. Korn has released multiple studio albums and an MTV Unplugged live album as well.

Korn Studio Albums

  • Korn (Released in 1994)
  • Life Is Peachy (Released in 1996)
  • Follow the Leader (Released in 1998)
  • Issues (Released in 1999)
  • Untouchables (Released in 2002)
  • Take a Look in the Mirror (Released in 2003)
  • See You on the Other Side (Released in 2005)
  • Untitled album (Released in 2007)
  • Korn III: Remember Who You Are (Released in 2010)
  • The Path of Totality (Released in 2011)
  • The Paradigm Shift (Released in 2013)
  • The Serenity of Suffering (Released in 2016)
  • The Nothing (Released in 2019)

Korn Artwork

Korn Band Members

  • Jonathan Davis
  • Brian Welch
  • James Shaffer
  • Reginald Arvizu
  • Ray Luzier
  • David Silveria

Korn Videos

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