Electric Six

Electric Six is a garage rock band from Royal Oak, Michigan and describe themselves on their website as “Detroit’s most forgotten big deal”. The band formed in 1996 with the lead singer and songwriter Tyler Spencer, also known as Dick Valentine. Many other band members have come and gone since then. Electric Six were originally named The Wildbunch but had to change their name because a group in England had already claimed it. The band has released over eighteen studio albums, a film, live albums, a Christmas album, and has collaborated with artists like Jack White.

Electric Six Albums

  • Fire (Released in 2003)
  • Señor Smoke (Released in 2005)
  • Switzerland (Released in 2006)
  • I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master (Released in 2007)
  • Flashy (Released in 2008)
  • KILL (Released in 2009)
  • Zodiac (Released in 2010)
  • Heartbeats AND Brainwaves (Released in 2011)
  • Mustang (Released in 2013)
  • Human Zoo (Released in 2014)
  • Mimicry and Memories (Released in 2015)
  • Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die! (Released in 2015)
  • Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit (Released in 2016)
  • Fresh Blood for Tired Vampyres (Released in 2016)
  • You’re Welcome! (Released in 2017)
  • How Dare You? (Released in 2017)
  • Bride of the Devil (Released in 2018)
  • A Very Electric SiXmas (Released in 2018)


Band Members

  • Dick Valentine (Real Name: Tyler Spencer)
  • Johnny Na$hinal (Real Name: John Nash)
  • Tait Nucleus? (Real Name: Christopher Tait)
  • Da Vé (Real Name: Dave Malosh)
  • Rob Lower
  • Hyperkube Bonanza


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