Deftones are a heavy rock and alternative band from Sacramento, California. The band formed in the early 1990’s, and gained popularity in the later half of the 90’s decade. The band was formed by original members singer and front man Chino Moreno, lead guitar player Stephen Carpenter, bassist Dominic Garcia and drummer Abe Cunningham. The group is best known for albums Around The Fur and White Pony. The band is still very active playing concerts and writing and releasing new material. Deftones have also collaborated with well-known artists and acts like Maynard James Keenan of TOOL, and Stone Temple Pilots‘ Scott Weiland on RX Queen to help keep the singer out of jail.

Studio Albums

  • Adrenaline (Released in 1995)
  • Around the Fur (Released in 1997)
  • White Pony (Released in 2000)
  • Deftones (Released in 2003)
  • Saturday Night Wrist (Released in 2006)
  • Diamond Eyes (Released in 2010)
  • Koi No Yokan (Released in 2012)
  • Gore (Released in 2016)
  • Ohms (Released in 2020)


Band Members (Past & Present)

  • Chino Moreno (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
  • Stephen Carpenter (Lead Guitar)
  • Abe Cunningham (Drummer)
  • Frank Delgado (Keyboards/Turntable)
  • Sergio Vega (Bass Guitar)
  • Dominic Garcia (Bass)
  • Chi Cheng (Bass)
  • John Taylor (Drums)


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