Crazy Town

Crazy Town, also known as Crazy Town X, is an American Nu-metal rap/rock band that formed in 1995. The group’s biggest single “Butterfly” was an international sensation, selling millions of records around the world and reaching number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2000. The band’s musical style is a fusion of hip-hop and rock, and their lyrics often touch on themes of partying and rebelliousness. Crazy Town originally consisted of Seth “Shifty Shellshock” Binzer and Bret “Epic” Mazur as lead vocalists, and has had several other members throughout their career. Despite lineup changes and a hiatus, the band has continued to tour and release music, including non-album singles.

Seth Binzer also contributed vocals for Paul Oakenfold’s 2002 hit song “Starry Eyed Surprise”.

Studio Albums

  • The Gift Of Game (Released in 1999)
  • Darkhorse (Released in 2002)
  • The Brimstone Sluggers (Released in 2015)


Band Members (Past & Present)


More Info

The Retro Artists

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