Social Cues

Social Cues is an album released by the post punk and alternative band Cage The Elephant. The album is Cage The Elephant’s fifth studio effort and was released on April 19, 2019. The album had four songs released prior to the official release date including “Ready To Let Go”, “House Of Glass”, “Night Running” (Collaborated with Beck), and “Goodbye”.

The record also won Best Rock Album at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2020. And many Cage The Elephant fans feel the album culminates the best of the band’s sound and lead singer Brad Shultz’s lyrical writing and performing. The cover of the album features Matt Schultz in a plastic body suit outfit and white cowboy hat, standing inside an outdated and tiled bathtub holding what appears to be a fake carnation flower. Matt also appears to be wearing his necklaces and other jewelry he’s known to wear.

Album Cover

Album Tracks

  1. Broken Boy
  2. Social Cues
  3. Black Madonna
  4. Night Running (with Beck)
  5. Skin And Bones
  6. Ready To Let Go
  7. House OF Glass
  8. Love’s The Only Way
  9. The War Is Over
  10. Dance Dance
  11. What I’m Becoming
  12. Tokyo Smoke
  13. Goodbye

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