Cage The Elephant

Cage The Elephant is a garage/indie rock band that emerged in 2008 with “In One Ear” and “No Rest For The Wicked” from their successful Self-Titled debut album. The band comes from Bowling Green, Kentucky. The band has been described with various labels including indie and garage rock, alternative, punk blues, and post-grunge.

Cage The Elephant Albums

  • Cage The Elephant (Self-Titled, Released in 2008)
  • Thank You, Happy Birthday (Released in 2011)
  • Melophobia (Released in 2013)
  • Tell Me I’m Pretty (Released in 2015)
  • Social Cues (Released in 2019)


Band Members (Past & Present)

  • Matt Shultz (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
  • Brad Shultz (Lead Guitar, Keyboard)
  • Daniel Tichenor (Bassist, Backup Vocals)
  • Jared Champion (Drums, Percussion)
  • Matthan Minster (Piano, Keyboards, Backup Vocals)
  • Nick Bockrath (Guitar, Backup Vocals)
  • Lincoln Parish (Guitar, Keyboards)


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