Bush is a British rock band that gained massive popularity in the ’90s. Bush is best known around the world for their debut album Sixteen Stone. Singles on the album include “Machinehead”, “Comedown”, “Everything Zen”, “Little Things” and “Glycerine”. Razorblade Suitcase and The Science Of Things also had singles released but these and subsequent albums have gotten far less attention.

The band Bush is also known for its lead singer and rhythm guitar player Gavin Rossdale, who was famously married to, and divorced from, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. Bush continues to write and record songs and albums, although most release efforts by the band and their label focus mostly on the UK and other countries, and not in the United States.

Bush Albums

  • Sixteen Stone (Released in 1994)
  • Razorblade Suitcase (Released in 1996)
  • The Science of Things (Released in 1999)
  • Golden State (Released in 2001)
  • The Sea of Memories (Released in 2011)
  • Man on the Run (Released in 2014)
  • Black and White Rainbows (Released in 2017)
  • The Kingdom (Released in 2020)


Band Members (Past & Present)

  • Gavin Rossdale (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
  • Chris Traynor (Guitar)
  • Corey Britz (Bass)
  • Nik Hughes (Drums)
  • Nigel Pulsford (Guitar)
  • Dave Parsons (Bass)
  • Robin Goodridge (Drums)


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