Blind Melon

Blind Melon is a band with members from Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Indiana. The band met and formed in Los Angeles in 1990. Their Self-Titled first album shot them to instant national recognition with the hit song “No Rain”. The song gained massive radio airplay and continues to be played across the country. Fans familiar with the band and album know their music was much more than this one radio hit projected. This is not to say Blind Melon didn’t have many fans. In fact, their first album sold well.

So expectations were high when they released their second album Soup in 1995. But their talented singer Shannon Hoon overdosed and died eight weeks after the release. Even though Hoon died in 1995, the band stayed together and searched unsuccessfully for a replacement singer. Eventually they broke up officially in 1999. In 2008 Blind Melon reformed with new lead singer Travis Warren and released another album For My Friends.

Studio Albums

  • Blind Melon (Released in 1992)
  • Soup (Released in 1995)
  • For My Friends (Released in 2008)


Band Members

  • Shannon Hoon (Singer/Deseased)
  • Roger Stevens (Guitarist)
  • Christopher Thorn (Guitarist)
  • Glen Graham (Drummer)
  • Travis Warren (Singer)
  • Nathan Towne (Bassist)
  • Brad Smith (Bassist)


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