Bad Religion

Bad Religion is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band was started by lead singer/songwriter Greg Graffin, along with other original members, guitar player Brett Gurewitz and bassist Jay Bentley. The group has consistently released controversial social, political and anti-religious themed songs and albums since their inception in 1979.

Bad Religion released their first EP in 1981 with new record label Epitath, started around the same time by the group’s lead guitar player Brett Gurewitz. The band quickly gained recognition and a feverish fanbase in the southern California area in the early 80’s.

Lead singer Greg Graffin is also known for his evolutionary biology work, earning a PhD from Cornell University, holding lectures and co-authoring the book Is Belief in God Good, Bad or Irrelevant? A Professor and Punk Rocker Discuss Science, Religion, Naturalism & Christianity with historian Preston Jones.

Studio Albums

  • How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (Released in 1982)
  • Into the Unknown (Released in 1983)
  • Suffer (Released in 1988)
  • No Control (Released in 1989)
  • Against the Grain (Released in 1990)
  • Generator (Released in 1992)
  • Recipe for Hate (Released in 1993)
  • Stranger than Fiction (Released in 1994)
  • The Gray Race (Released in 1996)
  • No Substance (Released in 1998)
  • The New America (Released in 2000)
  • The Process of Belief (Released in 2002)
  • The Empire Strikes First (Released in 2004)
  • New Maps of Hell (Released in 2007)
  • The Dissent of Man (Released in 2010)
  • True North (Released in 2013)
  • Age of Unreason (Released in 2019)


Band Members (Past & Present)

  • Greg Graffin (Lead Vocals)
  • Brett Gurewitz (Lead Guitar)
  • Mike Dimkich (Guitar)
  • Brian Baker (Guitar)
  • Greg Hetson (Guitar)
  • Jay Bentley (Bass Player)
  • Jamie Miller (Drummer)
  • Paul Dedona (Bass Player)
  • Tim Gallegos (Bass Player)
  • Brooks Wackerman (Drummer)
  • Bobby Schayer (Drummer)
  • Lucky Lehrer (Drummer)
  • Jay Ziskrout (Drummer)
  • Pete Finestone (Drummer)
  • Davy Goldman (Drummer)
  • John Albert (Drummer)


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